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Writemypaper4me.org writing service is not an unknown site. There are many reviews of it on the Internet on different resources. Some of them are useful and true; some are clearly written by themselves. This testimonial is true because I write it based on my real experience. I ordered the work myself at Writemypaper4me.org and checked how their system and authors work. So I can say with full confidence that positive Writemypaper4me.org review is not something worth believing.

But first, I will briefly tell you about the service, what it is, and what it offers.

Writemypaper4me.org is a website where students can order the writing or editing and proofreading of academic papers. The experts of the service perform such tasks as:

  1. essay;
  2. thesis;
  3. overviews;
  4. dissertations, etc.

I, like many people, ordered an essay. It is one of the most popular tasks, so its implementation is very demonstrative.

Writemypaper4me.org Writers

The first negative point that I noted after receiving the text is that judging by the quality of the essay, it was written by a person for whom English is not his native language. It could be noticed by the speech turnovers used by the author, as well as the structure of sentences.

The second negative moment which strained me even before the essay was received, is that the author constantly ignored me. If I had questions, I asked them in our personal chat and did not receive an answer. This tension reached its apogee when the deadline came, and the author never showed up. He sent the finished work later than it was indicated in the order, and I did not receive an explanation for the overdue deadline.

I also had doubts that the Writemypaper4me.org writers really have higher education because the Writemypaper4me.org essay was very superficial as if the writer did not understand the question deeply enough. The arguments were weak, and words and ideas were constantly repeated.

Writemypaper4me.org Plagiarism

The uniqueness of the text is almost the only positive moment in this review. It was 100% on all systems where I checked the text so that the essay would have passed any plagiarism test. 

However, there is one thing, too.

If you read the text carefully, you realize that words are often used incorrectly, and in some cases, even their spelling suffers. And trivial misspellings are an easy way to hide Writemypaper4me.org plagiarism: because verification systems look for exact matches of words. 

So, again, I conclude that the text was hardly written by a person with higher education in the academic field I need.

Writemypaper4me.org registration

Perhaps one of the reasons why the Writemypaper4me.org service is popular is that it makes a good impression. If you go to the site, you are likely to be pleased with the interface. You will find the answers to all your questions and certainly do not miss the Order button, because it lights green. Accordingly, registration on the site also seems simple.

The Writemypaper4me.org sign up button is located right next to the Order button, and if you click on it, you will immediately see a clear form where you can enter your Writemypaper4me.org login. If you don’t have an account yet, click Not a member.

And then the most interesting thing starts because the button sends you not to the registration form, but to the order form. Only after you place an order you can create an account. From the good news: the cost of the order is written at once, so if it doesn’t suit you, you can simply not continue.

A little more about Writemypaper4me.org registration:

Writemypaper4me.org discount

To make the review full, let’s talk abot the discounts. When you fill out the application form for a new order, you can see the option Enter promotional code. That is, in theory, you can get a discount. In practice, it is not quite clear where to get this promotional code. Perhaps on holidays or Black Friday, the service team gives Writemypaper4me.org discount or pleases regular customers’ sales.

Anyway, if you are new here, you will not see any discounts.

As for the Writemypaper4me.org price, it depends on the deadline and the number of pages. For example, 1 page of text for ten days costs 15 dollars, and for 3 hours, it can be obtained for 45 dollars. Slower than ten days or faster than 3 hours, the authors of the service do not write.

If you do not need an urgent essay, the price is available. But it is as low as the quality of work you will get for it.

Site Tech Support

The site of the service says that their team is only professionals. They take their work seriously and, in case of which, you can always contact their operators for support. In the process of prepearing this review we found out that everything is not so bright.

Suppose you are interested in Is Writemypaper4me.org legal, and you want specific conformations that Writemypaper4me.org cheating is impossible. Or you, like me, are tired of waiting for your author to answer in the chat and decide to contact technical support directly.

You want to make a call, but you can’t find the numbers on the site. Instead, you write to their mail and think it’s probably even better: you can keep the correspondence and write at any time of day or night. But then you wait for an answer just like you had waited for the author’s answer. And you get a solution to your request when you no longer need it. What do you think? Is this a good system?

Is Writemypaper4me.org legal

Is Writemypaper4me.org safe and legal? It is one of the most popular user questions because everyone understands that they are at risk of getting caught by fraudsters and do not want to lose their money. Proving that Writemypaper4me.org scam system exists is not enough. But there are a lot of negative reviews and suspicious moments that make you doubt about the legality of the service.

For example, there is no office at the addresses listed on the company’s website. Also, many wrote that the service collects data about payment data.

Writemypaper4me.org Papers Quality

To conclude this review, the quality work from Writemypaper4me.org takes a lot of luck. If you have the time, money, and desire to test yours, you can try to order an essay there. But if you are looking for a guaranteed company to fulfill your order in time and do it qualitatively, this service is not what you need.

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This review will help you to save you money. Now you don’t have to make an order to check the quality of any writing company.