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If you are reading these lines, it seems like your time has come. And the time in question is ordering some external help with complicated – or even less so – writing assignments. As this decision is a rather important one, you should spare some time on due diligence and do your homework. To this end, if you want to have your task done by the guys from Ultius, first check our Ultius review.

You might wonder – why pick ours if there are many Ultius reviews out there on the Web? Unlike other generic comments or even detailed stories you might find elsewhere, we’ll be speaking from experience. To offer you a truthful review, our “detective” team has made some orders first-hand. And before offering you the details of this endeavor, let’s first double-check what Ultius has in store for learners.

The whole list of Ultius services is divided into four large groups which are as follows:

  1. Writing services. These involve creating a wide range of papers from scratch. Starting with college essays, it goes further to thesis, dissertation, and even Capstone projects.
  2. Editing services are all about your paper (of any level) being checked by a seasoned professional. Well, at least they claim so in the dedicated part of the site.
  3. The business writing part is comprised of different services that include, in particular, preparing good old CVs, resumes, cover letters and even a business plan for you.\
  4. Admission services include preparing both application essays and personal statements. There is also an opportunity to get Study Abroad and other types of application papers.

At first glance, Ultius seems like a go-to place as they offer pretty much the whole range of services related to academic writing. So, we’ve asked ourselves – is it so? Keep reading to get yourself acquainted with our findings.

Ultius Writers

What really surprised us about this platform was that there was no separate Ultius writers section on the site. If you’ve browsed at least two writing agencies beforehand, you might have already noticed that the focus is usually just on the actual authors. With Ultius, this is not the case. 

Though there is a separate page covering the company’s whole story since 2010 (a funny evolution of logo is involved), there is not even a word about the writers themselves. The exception is maybe the line that “professional writers” decide to work with Ultius. Well, it seems like we need to have to believe their word for it.

Not to waste any more of your time, let’s talk about the actual business we’ve had with the Ultius. Our team decided to divide their effort into three separate orders. So, the first group has ordered the Capstone project – and if you are familiar with the task, you already know how demanding the instructions for such works usually are. The second group had already written Literature Review edited while the third bunch ordered a Study Abroad application essay.

The preliminary results were – to put it mildly – not to our satisfaction. The Ultius essay was not specific enough, though all the details have been provided about the program it should have been directed at. The editing of the Literature Review had many mistakes left unattended – there were even some misspellings left.

Yet, the worst part was the Capstone project. The deadline was not followed for starters as we received the “final” paper three days after the initially indicated deadline. Second, the quality of writing was indeed a mediocre one. During the three weeks that were given to the writer, he or she has not answered a single message we’ve forwarded to them!.

Ultius Plagiarism

As you may understand, no one in the team was happy with the final paper. Having already made up our mind about Ultius quality, we went to another crucial aspect of academic writing.

Each paper we’ve got from this entity was checked by us for originality. Ordinarily, this was done to get to know Ultius plagiarism policy and attitude towards this aspect. The results were mostly okay. The application essay for Study Abroad essay contained 2 % of plagiarism, while Capstone had 6 %. 

Obviously, we haven’t checked the Literature review as Ultius writers were not involved. Notwithstanding a rather good result in terms of papers’ originality, we still have not been happy with the actual content and writing quality. In this case, we can’t accuse Ultius of cheating, but still, the result isn’t satisfactory.

Ultius Registration

If you are interested in the whole registration process on Ultius writing service, our verdict is that it is quite simple yet far from intuitive. Actually, the latest point regards the whole site, which looks like a hello from 2010. 

Still, there is a “sign-in” in bold in the right upper corner. There is also a possibility to connect via Facebook – whatever your thoughts on this matter may be, especially concerning privacy. 

Regarding the Ultius sign up button, there is none. As is the case with many writing agencies, you need to have an account to place an order here.

Ultius Support Agents

As the quality of Ultius’ final papers has not been satisfactory in our eyes, it was time to conduct yet another Ultius login. From there, our long road to reaching Ultius support agents started.

In the mildest terms, this road was a thorny one. Though there is a (supposedly) American telephone number indicated on the site, it took us around twenty minutes to talk to the real person. And while the motto of Ultius is rather profound – “connecting consumers with qualified American writers and editors” – this does not seem to stretch to support agents.

We started to doubt and think about a possible Ultius scam after three conversations in a row on three orders were with not native speakers. The guys made fundamental mistakes, and the pronunciation was definitely not American English.

Is Ultius Legal?

It seems like the guys from this platform cared about the positive answer to the question is Ultius legal. The few-hundreds-words story of the company’s road to success might make you sure that the operation of Ultius is legal.

We can’t say for sure whether there is an instance of Ultius cheating the clients or not, as it is hard to trace and prove all the steps they describe on the site. There are photos of the part of the team (though rather outdated, of 2018. There is also video footage on Youtube, and more.

Still, there is no way to tell is Ultius safe or less so. After all, ordering assistance with academic assignments is usually the grey zone of business. So, it’s totally up to you to give it the benefit of the doubt and a shot or not.

Ultius Papers Quality 

We’ve already shared with you our thoughts about a rather negative experience with Ultius. No outstanding quality or impeccable support from their agents was present. Moreover, not even all three deadlines were adhered to, which is a clear sign of not professionalism.

Here’s another important point that needs discussing, and it is Ultius price. This writing agency does not even try to boast about affordability or low prices. For instance, one page of a doctoral level writing with the shortest 12 hours deadline will cost you 65 $. Even if you give Ultius writers seven days for the same writing piece, the price will be 35 $. Obviously, not everyone can afford such services.

Therefore, it’s time to discuss the good old marketing tricks. This word combination can very well be applied to Ultius discount policy. If you spend more than 10 to 15 seconds on their site, you’ll be offered a 20 % off for the next offer. Also, there is an always-there 10 % discount that can be located at the website’s left upper corner.

Although it may be a good sign for some, such generosity was seen as a wary sign from our side!

Ultius Pros/Cons



Now You know all about this service without spending money. To use it or not – this is just your choice. You also can read reviews on other popular writing services on BestWritingLab.