Speedypaper.com Review

Speedypaper.com writing service is a website where every student (and everyone in general) can order an essay or other academic work. An approximate list of services that this company provides:

  1. essay writing, resume writing, dissertation writing, and other academic assignments;
  2. rewriting finished works;
  3. proofreading and editing of finished works.

If you read Speedypaper.com reviews, you may get the impression that this is a good service that deserves your trust. I am writing this review to dispel this myth. Because I ordered a Speedypaper.com essay and, unfortunately, got a negative experience. So that you do not find yourself in the same situation, I share its details with you.

Speedypaper.com Writers

I believe that the core of any academic paper writing service is a team. So one fact that I have doubts about the professionalism of Speedypaper.com writers already says that this site can not be called reliable or at least fairly good.

Why do I make such conclusions? As I have already written above, I have ordered an essay from this company and have the result of Speedypaper.com experts’ work โ€“ the finished text.

There is no high quality promised, but there are many mistakes. The author has revealed the subject superficially, which gives me a reason to think that he is not very good at it. I don’t know if he has higher education, but it seems not in the subject in which I ordered the academic work. I cannot say that the text was written professionally.

Speedypaper.com Plagiarism

I have no claims to Speedypaper.com plagiarism because the essay was unique at 100%. However, I have a claim to what this essay was like. Alas, but the perfect uniqueness does not please college teachers if the text is full of errors, and the work from my author was full of them. Perhaps, it is thanks to these errors that plagiarism programs show 100% uniqueness. Because among them, there are grammatical errors, lexical, and even banal misspellings. Can we consider it as Speedypaper.com cheating? If I fix the bugs, how much uniqueness will remain?

My second claim is when the text was submitted. I had a non-urgent order, but the author was still late. He uploaded the essay not too late for the deadline (in a couple of hours), but he still couldn’t explain the delay, and I couldn’t find it anywhere โ€“ although he promised to always be in touch with the chat room.

Speedypaper.com registration

The process of Speedypaper.com registration is quite simple and clear. The button Speedypaper.com sign up is visible in the corner of the site. When you click on it, both the registration form and the Speedypaper.com login options will appear. To register, you need an email, phone, and password. You can also access the site through Facebook. It is much faster and more convenient. After logging into the site, you will be immediately transferred to your personal cabinet.

Speedypaper.com discount

The site offers a Speedypaper.com discount as soon as you open it (maybe a couple of minutes after surfing the home page). To get it, you only need to enter an email, but no information is given as to why you need it. I think you are automatically registered on a mailing list.

But the discount is fair: after entering an email, the site displays a promotional code 11% for the first order. To use it, you need to register or login. Also, the promotional code is duplicated to your mail.

In general, Speedypaper.com’s price is not high by itself, especially if you order a small job with a long deadline (20 days is the maximum). Besides, they have many special offers: in addition to discounts on the first order, there are referral programs. You can invite your friends, and you will both get bonuses.

But such tricks are just a marketing move because, in fact, the low price corresponds to the low quality of work. So I can say with full confidence that the Speedypaper.com scam system should not cost more.

Service Customer Support

Even more disgusting than the essay itself, I had from communication with the service staff. When I realized that my author would not answer me, I decided to ask for help from technical support. On Speedypaper.com, there are many ways to contact them, including not only the standard phone/email but also the messenger Facebook and even Twitter.

Unfortunately, none of them works normally. All online ways make you wait endlessly for an answer. If you call, strange as it may seem, the phone is picked up immediately, but by a person with a strange accent. We talked to the manager (it seems) for about 15 minutes, but we did not understand each other. And by email, I was answered when the author has already downloaded the work. They wrote that they do not know what the problem is because the essay is already uploaded.

Is Speedypaper.com legal

“Is Speedypaper.com legal?” “Is Speedypaper.com safe?” โ€“ these two questions are the most popular among users. And I understand why: we took a risk when first ordered from an unknown service.

From my experience: the system has not withdrawn more money than it needed. This is already good. But nobody paid me back for the poor quality work.

In addition, I read that there are suspicions that the company is collecting information about payment methods.

Also, it is not quite clear whether the service works legally because it does not even specify the company’s address. Yes, they can work remotely, but they must be registered somewhere. And I doubt that they are in the USA. So, make your own conclusions.

Speedypaper.com Papers Quality

So, I got my essay from this service, but it was weak and later than I expected. Someone, judging by the positive feedback, was luckier. But I’m not sure that I’m ready to test my luck again: what is the point? After all, this is an order of academic work, not a game of poker. I would prefer to cooperate with a service where everything works clearly, and there are no problems at every stage of work.

Speedypaper.com Pros / Cons