Grademiners Review

The service offers its customers to order a fair number of types of academic papers.

  1. Essay;
  2. Assignment;
  3. Homework;
  4. Coursework;
  5. Research Paper…

And so on. The full list is visible right in the drop-down menu on the homepage, convenient. Besides writing from scratch, one may also buy editing, proofreading, paraphrasing, or formatting services.

Although the service has been on the market for quite a while, we have decided to update our opinion about Grademiners writing service and order two papers: a high school opinion essay and a Computer Science homework assignment.

We set a 10-day deadline on the former paper and two days for the latter to test the writer’s expertise and productivity under pressure. How did it go? Read on to find out!

 Grademiners Writers

As expected, there were no problems with our short and easy essay: my 12-years-old nephew could have done that on par with any pro writer. The writer took their time and enjoyed the assignment (or so it seems). However, some weird word choices and unnatural sentence structure gave off a non-native speaker.

I have read hundreds of texts by native speakers and nearly as much by amateur writers whose English was quite poor. Some of them translate Russian idioms into English word by word and think it will still make sense; some misplaced commas and hyphens. It is always easy to recognize.

The conclusion is: neither most writers nor support team representatives are residents of the US. Give their support service a call. I bet you’ll hear a funny accent.

The CS assignment was even worse. It did arrive on time, but, apparently, the writer knew nothing on the subject. They haphazardly stuffed the paper with random quotes from “StackOverflow” and whatnot. The code snippet they provided was useless.

I had to spend my time on making up a formal complaint to ask for a free revision. The point is, if I were a student with my homework due tomorrow, I wouldn’t care if they can revise it in two weeks. I would need it nice and clean by the time of submission because my grade would depend on it.

So, keep in mind: if your grade is D, Grademiners writers owe you nothing.

Grademiners Plagiarism

Copyright protection is one of the things the Grademiners plagiarism team copes well with. There is nothing unusual in the fact that top academic writing helps the company do a routine check on all of their texts. It is done rather than monitor their writers’ diligence than to make sure your paper does not get you into trouble.

In this regard, Grademiners are safe. Nevertheless, even if you receive a plagiarized paper that gets you scorned by your teacher (or expelled from the college?!), you are not liable to claim anything.

 Grademiners Registration

The Grademiners sign-up process is not much different than in the case of any other website. The Terms of Use require all customers to be above 18 years old. All the data you provide should be correct. Why? In some cases, the website team may need to verify your age or send a partial refund to your specified credit card. These are just a couple of examples.

After the personal account has been set up and verified, proceed with Grademiners login as usual. The Grademiners’ registration is an obligatory step before placing an order.

Grademiners Discounts

Every new-coming customer is eligible for a 15% discount for their first paper. It is a common way to lure a student into buying a paper. Most services offer exactly 15%.

Are Grademiners discounts something more creative? In fact, they are! In time, you will be offered to use the loyalty program, which is an innovation in the essay writing niche. Five percent of your order price is going to serve as a credit towards the next order. It does not work as a direct cash-back to your credit card; it will go to the so-called bonus account. Such a marketing trick is meant to give you some extra motivation to buy another paper.

 Grademiners Support

The support team works great. They are indeed accessible 24/7, both on the phone and via the live chat. The answer is always almost instant. Nevertheless, communicating directly with the writer assigned to your paper is an issue. Because a support agent serves an intermediary between you and the writer, there is a crucial delay when you want to deliver an urgent message.

Is Grademiners Legal

The legal affairs of the website were taken care of diligently. Is Grademiners scam? Definitely not.

However, if you take a look at the website’s Terms of Use (the Limitations of Liability section in particular), you’ll see the unpleasant truth about how they treat a customer. Spoiler: it is not customer-centered at all.

The Grademiners .com will not be liable to you for your final grade and the outcomes and consequences of submission of your paper to any academic institution, it says.

On top of that, the Terms exclude all liability for any damages—direct or indirect, consequential or incidental—that arise in connection to using the website. At least they are honest.

Considering the risks involved, the Grademiners’ prices are way too high.

Grademiners Papers Quality Guarantee

Just as hundreds of low-grade writing services, Grademiners is cheating its customers with fake ratings and testimonials. Why all of the fancy statistics just can’t be true? Take a look at any popular app’s rating on Google Play. Do you see how 1-star and 5-star reviews correlate? Besides, it is easier to put high random numbers on display than to track user reviews.

 Grademiners Pros / Cons 



After reading this review, you can be sure that you know everything about Grademiners, so it’s easy to decide whether to use this platform or not.