Grabmyessay Overview

If you were looking for a service that will support you throughout all studying, which of its qualities would be most important: speed, unique result, convenience in usage, etc.? Agree that a reliable provider must order a service that contains all of the above components. Now there are a lot of companies positioning themselves as experts in academic writing. The number of reviews on these websites is almost doubled. But not all of them correspond to reality.

We decided to check out one of the most popular paper writing sites – Grabmyessay. They provide students with the following:

  1. academic paper writing
  2. admission services
  3. resume/CV services
  4. dissertation services
  5. Math, Physics, and other types of problems.

Having ordered one of these works, we got a poor-quality result, negative impressions from cooperation. So, we decided to share them with the audience. Let’s see what came of it.

Grabmyessay Writers

The key persons in the Grabmyessay business are writers. Perhaps it’s worth starting a story about our experience from his qualification. Oddly enough, the company casually mentions the scientific degrees of its authors in the website FAQ section. Although, any ordered academic work should be written by a specialist, which has at least a Master’s degree. Considering the received result, our writer wasn’t experienced in academic writing. It manifested in a superficial topic disclosure, a haphazardly written text with grammatical and stylistic errors. There weren’t many of them, but still, a good service must not allow such things. Also, the mistakes directly indicate that we worked with a person who doesn’t know English at the native speaker level.

The next trouble that awaited us was missing a deadline. Before ordering the Grabmyessay essay, we contacted customer support and indicated that our work is so urgent and clarified whether they would provide a quality result on time. The support employee assured us that they had never missed deadlines. Well, everything happens for the first time. Realizing that the end of term is soon, we began to contact our writer and ask what the matter was. Unfortunately, there was no answer at all.

Thus, it is impossible to get something from the author. To our complaint, the support responded that there was nothing wrong with that, our topic was complicated, and we knew that such difficulties could arise.

The situation is unpleasant, so we decided to warn everyone else.

Grabmyessay Plagiarism

Let’s get down to work itself. As you can see, we received the paper with more mistakes lately than expected. Only a person who didn’t know the subject and didn’t hold the dictionary in his hands could write this way. Grammatical and stylistic mistakes were elementary. But note, either no one bothered to check the work before delivery, or Grabmyessay has such a level of checking.

Perhaps, the only positive point is that Grabmyessay delivered the work without plagiarism. Having corrected all the errors, we would most likely have found a low percentage of uniqueness. Perhaps, such companies make academic work unique by filling it with mistakes.

Grabmyessay Registration

Now let’s talk about registering on the site. Grabmyessay decided to make students’ life easier and sign up them on their own after placing the first order. So it happened to us. We got a password and login, so it was possible to get into a personal account. But it doesn’t mean at all that we could familiarize ourselves with all the information on the website. Most of the sections, such as “Samples” “Extras,” didn’t open at all. The screen just popped up an error. By the way, we made an order through the “Order now” button, but actually, you can do it differently: press the adjacent  “Grabmyessay Log In” button, and then – the “Place an order” section. Here the fascinating things begin: the Grabmyessay system decides not to work under your order, knocking out a 404 error. It’s just a sign that you shouldn’t take risks and order there.

Grabmyessay Discount

If you are expecting discounts, it is far from the fact that you will be able to get acquainted with the information about them. By analogy with the previous sections, this one also works every other time. We were only able to see a 15% Grabmyessay discount for using the promo code. It means the Grabmyessay writing service practically doesn’t use loyalty programs at all and doesn’t test its site. Otherwise, they would have noticed that potential customers don’t have access to half of the sections, including those dedicated to discounts.

Grabmyessay Support

Now let’s get back to customer support. Remember, first, we were deceived and then said that we were to blame for missing the deadline? It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s begin with the fact that this is not 24/7 support at all. If the operator is at the workplace – you are lucky if not – you will wait for an answer for several days as we did. Grabmyessay has several communication channels, incl. chat and mail. You may not even use the last one, it’s practically useless. You will also have to wait a long time for a response from the live chat operator, but it still works faster. If you dare to click on the “Contacts” section, you will traditionally be disappointed in the form of a 404 error.

It’s a part of the Grabmyessay corporate culture. Now a few words about people. Everything is simple here: they aren’t very polite and don’t know English. We explained what we needed from the support employee several times until receiving a more or less intelligible answer with grammatical errors. It happens. Customer support should be the service’s face, but after a horrible experience, there is no strong desire to look at Grabmyessay’s one.

Is Grabmyessay Legal?

This question worries every student who orders work. We advise you to pay attention to this item first because there are many interesting facts about this service ahead. For example, the inaccessibility of information about its location. It bears witness to the Grabmyessay scam activity. The US&UK badge doesn’t say anything about the legal address, and secondly, it indicates that these people don’t know whether these are neighboring countries or not. Thus, most likely, they don’t have an office in either state. It turns out Grabmyessay is cheating people.

Besides, we found a lot of negative Grabmyessay reviews that guys collect customer payment data and share them with third parties. There were cases when students lost funds from the card after cooperation with Grabmyessay.

Doesn’t it look good? We decided not to risk it and opened a bank account specifically for the ordering procedure.

Thus, it can hardly be said that Grabmyessay service is legal since there is no evidence of this.

Grabmyessay Papers Quality

Speaking about the quality of the received work in general, we can say that it’s a waste of money. You will still have to rewrite it or get a bad grade in college. Perhaps Grabmyessay knows how to write appropriately, but the number of the lucky who will receive a quality paper they choose themselves. 

Grabmyessay Pros/Cons

In conclusion, it would be worth talking about the main Grabmyessay pros and cons. Yes, yes, even this service still has advantages.

So, this website has the following pros:

And here are several cons: