Essaytiger Review

We all know that one’s life on campus can get pretty tough at times. So it should come as no surprise that some learners decide to delegate tedious academic assignments to someone more knowledgeable. In case you are deciding whether to start cooperating with some platform or not, it’s great that you’ve come to this place first. The following post will be a comprehensive Essaytiger review that our team has conducted for all students out there.

If you are still unsure why you should read this particular Essaytiger review, here are some reasons. Firstly, we strive to remain objective in the way the information on the writing service is presented. This is why we don’t only check everything there is on the Web about a given website. To provide a truly honest Essaytiger review, we place orders ourselves. 

Our team believes this is the only way to be objective in what we do. However, before we get to the core of such cooperation, let’s see what Essaytiger has to offer in terms of services. On their website, the “Services” block includes:

  1. Write my essay services. Even though the services do sound kinda robotic, the range is rather wide – from “write my speech” to “write my dissertation.”
  2. Buy essay part is, in reality, a duplication of the same writes my essay services described above. It seems like Essaytiger is not so much into the cohesiveness of the website. They are much more into being recognized by Google and other engines on the Web.
  3. The academic writing part encompasses all the good old services that have already been covered with some additions like lab report writing and alike.
  4. Business writing services are all about preparing a business plan, CV, resume, and cover letter for aspiring job interview attendees.
  5. There is a separate section dedicated to homework help. A truly striking part was the whole range of subjects Essaytiger claims to cover. There is everything there, from Astronomy to Religious Studies.

Already having some thought about the duplicate content and surprisingly wide range of subjects, we’ve proceeded with checking the official info on who’s this platform has employed.

Essaytiger Writers

Finally, after checking many similar pages, we’ve found something interesting and funny on the page dedicated to Essaytiger writers. There were some fun facts indicated, such as the percentage of dogs and cats owners, or the fact that 13 % of their writers have a beard. However, the question arises – how relevant is this info to a person who wants to have a professional working on one’s essay?

What was also not a good sign was a line that 85 % of writers at Essaytiger are native speakers. Yet, there was no info on the remaining 15 %. Also, the average age of writers, as indicated in the same Fun Facts part, is 29. With no intention to sound like agists, this is rather young for seasoned professionals.

Still, many of the gals and guys in our team were rather intrigued by such a presentation of writers. Thus, we’ve decided to place not just one order, but three of them. These were:

Hopefully, you are already hooked by such a presentation and want to know more about the final results. To keep you intrigued, this info is scattered all over the article, and we’ll start with assessing the Essaytiger plagiarism policy.

Essaytiger Plagiarism

There is hardly a worse offense in any educational institution than presenting someone else’s copied or loosely borrowed ideas as your own. This is the reason why we’ve started assessing Essaytiger quality by approaching the issue of plagiarism.

To this end, we have run all three docs received via different plagiarism checkers, including WriteCheck, a substitute to TurnItIn, with which you may be acquainted. The results were, actually, not to our dissatisfaction.

Each paper we’ve received from Essaytiger has passed the originality test. We can’t say that this was done with flying colors. For instance, the English literature essay we’ve got had 89 % originality though the platform claims to have an impeccable Essaytiger plagiarism record. After closer examination of the work, we’ve understood that such a percentage was due to incorrectly cited (and, actually, referenced) sources. 

The other docs have also been checked – both a speech and a cover letter. Actually, we were quite surprised to receive 98 % originality in such a cliched doc as a cover letter. Yet, once we’ve familiarized ourselves with the work itself, everything became clear. You’ll find more info on the subject in a respective Essaytiger quality section of this review.

Essaytiger Registration

To be consistent in our Essaytiger writing service review, we can’t omit the section dedicated to the whole website design as well as the Essaytiger registration part. And here’s our verdict – the site is far from being completely user-friendly and intuitive. 

For instance, there is no clear Essaytiger sign up button, only “Sign In” to the customer’s right. So, basically, you need to first conduct Essaytiger login to have the basic possibility to Register. 

We’ll advise every potential customer of Essaytiger service to be super attentive here. First, mentioning your phone number is optional, so think twice before giving this data. Also, to register, you’ll need to tix the box that you have read many near-legal pages. We highly recommend browsing at least the one dedicated to Money-Back Guarantee to avoid surprises in the future.

Essaytiger Support Agents

Unlike many other essay writing services we’ve already reviewed, at least Essaytiger has had the free phone number (US one) indicated on the homepage. Though it was a rather good sign at first, once we’ve had had to contact the actual person – well, this was not an easy endeavor.

Actually, at first, we wanted to change the number of pages for the English Literature review. The actual person we’ve got to talk to in no less than 20 minutes after the first call was:

There is some irony here as we’ve actually wanted to increase the number of pages to have a better understanding of Essaytiger’ quality of writing. As you might have already guessed, this was not achieved.

Moreover, having two conversations with different people, we haven’t really heard any shade of American English. This is exactly when our team has started to suspect the possibility of Essaytiger scam operation.

Is Essaytiger Legal?

You might want to have the answers to questions like is Essaytiger legal to cooperate with or whether there is the case of Essaytiger cheating the clients. 

Well, the neutral – neither good nor bad – news is that dealing with essay writing services is always in the grey zone. Until anyone in your uni or college gets to know about it, everything is legal.

Yet, our answer to the question is Essaytiger safe is – not exactly. Although its looks are very promising, the actual quality of the papers left much to be desired. Check out the section below for details.

Essaytiger Papers Quality 

Let us be bold and concise in this section – Essaytiger price does not correspond to the received docs’ quality. Basically, we’ve paid 40 $ per 2 pages of speech that took almost a whole week in the making. The quality of the text was far from Bachelor’s. 

No Essaytiger discount could have been found as well. Conversely, a cover letter that has taken the same week in creating cost us 24 $. The text that we’ve received lacked details and cannot be called a winning piece. We’ve already mentioned some issues with referencing and citing regarding the ordered work for English Literature. We haven’t mentioned three misspellings and a bunch of grammar mistakes in 4 pages long doc! It seems like no editor at all has seen this work!

Essaytiger Pros/Cons



We hope this review will  be useful for you while choosing a writing service.