EssayShark Review

If you are a student who is thinking about delegating some writing assignments elsewhere, it is important to approach this wisely. To this end, if one is diligent enough, you will be able to find zillions reviews on the Web. Indeed, we are far from being the first to offer EssayShark overview online. 

So, why should you bother reading our views about this platform? For one, because we were (un?)lucky enough to try their services ourselves. Yet, before providing you with any more details about this particular cooperation, let’s see what EssayShark has to offer to the army of students worldwide.

Here is a general list of paper types they claim to be good at preparing:

There are some more types of paper EssayShark has to offer, yet we’ve decided to stop our choice in ordering an article review for the purposes of this overview.

Without any further ado, let’s get the heads rolling – here’s our EssayShark review – and this one is an honest one!

EssayShark Writers

Let’s cover the most important part – here’s what we’ve gotten to know about EssayShark writers. Similar to its endless competitors, Essay Shark claims to have a large team of experienced writers who are native speakers exclusively. Before entrusting the actual paper to them, we browsed the list of Top Writers on a dedicated page.

Something strange has caught our attention – the very first writer with a seemingly outstanding record, Hapeagalkars, got the latest feedback in Dec 2019. Kinda weird as for autumn of 2020, right? Still, the article review – and we have attached the pdf sample of the original work – has found its way to the ordered papers.

And the result we’ve got (a few hours later than the indicated deadline, which in itself is a really alarming sign – proved one thing. It seemed like our writer hasn’t even opened the reference material at all. Only the subject field (Sociology) was followed, yet no real results were discussed, and the whole paper looked like it was based on the few lines from the abstract exclusively!

At least to stir up our frustration, the writer hadn’t replied to a single message regarding both the deadline and the content – and there were at least four from our side.

EssayShark Plagiarism

Already being far from glad about the content, we were still trying to be objective. Therefore, we’ve decided to delay obvious revisions and proceeded with plagiarism checking. We’ve tested EssayShark essay – because the final document cannot seriously be called an article review – for plag, and the result was more or less satisfactory. 

Basically, there was 6 % of the text that was highlighted by our checker as borrowed. These were some rewritten parts from other materials on the subject of the article. Although the work was almost original, there were still occasional grammar issues and even one instance of a misspelled word. For a 5-pages paper, this is no good result.

Although EssayShark plagiarism is not really an issue, our verdict is as follows: the quality is.

EssayShark Registration

Having already made up our mind on the EssayShark writing service quality, we’d proceed with covering technical details in the following sections. Ordinarily, the whole registration process is simple. 

My Account button is located on the right side of the menu at the top. Clicking on it, you’ll either proceed to Registration or an existing profile. Yet, you can’t be just a lazy observer – from the looks of EssayShark sign up, you do have to make an order to get a customer account.

EssayShark Support Agents

As we have already mentioned, the final paper we’ve received was not to our satisfaction. So, we’ve conducted EssayShark login once again and started the long way to reaching support agents.

Believe it, that was not an easy endeavor. At least six emails we’ve sent to the address remained unanswered. We were lucky enough to receive what seemed to be like a templated auto answer the seventh time. Over time, we started communication in chat, and to cut a long story short, the support agent was not really helping. That’s when we were almost sure about EssayShark scam operations.

Is EssayShark Legal?

At last, we’ve come to the most bothering question – is EssayShark legal or not so much? From the looks of it, the legality does not seem to be the issue here. Moreover, there are great doubts that EssayShark is operating in the US legally. According to the information they share on the site, the registration place is somewhere in Cyprus’s capital. The name of the mother company – FrogProg Limited – only ignites the clients’ supposition about EssayShark cheating.

There is no way to tell exactly is EssayShark safe or not, yet checking their address as indicated on the homepage has led us to nothing less but Panama papers, and it was just a quick Google search!

If you are an adventurous soul not afraid of such endeavors, you can surely go for it and give EssayShark a shot. Yet, if you are not okay with a rather grey zone of essay writing, maybe it will be better to abstain from such cooperation.

EssayShark Papers Quality 

Conversely, our experience with the EssayShark company was far from impeccable service and getting an outstanding quality. It seems like ordering a paper from this entity; each student is highly likely to risk either a missed deadline or getting a low grade. If you are ready to play this Russian roulette, then go for it, yet we’d rather not make the same mistake twice.

Regarding EssayShark price, there is no clear-cut rate per page, as is usually the case with writing entities. Moreover, it all depends on the specifications you indicate first, as the whole process of finding the author is based on the writers’ bidding system. Basically, specialists are the ones who decide which price you’d be paying for a specific order. Or at least it looks like this from our perspective.

After all, there is no way to get to know their operations’ ins and outs – unless you get involved in it. And that’s not something we were ready to do!

Here goes one more important point connected to EssayShark discount policy. If one digs at least a bit deeper, typing a search request like “EssayShark discount,” you may find further info on some occasional offers. However, our universal advice regarding this matter will be – don’t let marketing tricks lure you!

EssayShark Pros/Cons

Finally, summing it all up, we’ve summarized some of the points. Yet, beware that many pros are rather declarative than real.