EssayPro Review is a very popular service, so you can find a lot of reviews on its authors on the Internet. Some of them are glorious, and some are negative. Who to believe, it’s up to you to decide, but in this review, I describe my real experience with this service. In advance, I will say that it was not the most pleasant experience in the world.

EssayPro provides such services to students:

  1. essay writing (of all kinds);
  2. writing research papers;
  3. dissertation writing;
  4. writing term papers;
  5. essay editing.

My negative experience was after I ordered a custom essay.

EssayPro Writers

First of all, I want to tell you about who wrote my essay and how. Let me remind you that writing service positions itself as a company with a team of professional authors. They claim that all the experts have a deep knowledge of the topic, speak English perfectly, and in general, they are good.

Well, according to the essay that I received, this is not true.

First of all, I will tell you about the language at once. The writer who did my work hardly speaks it professionally. Moreover, he is not a native speaker. Perhaps, his knowledge is enough to support a conversation, but poor knowledge is very noticeable for the academic environment. And this is a very important point because the teacher expects quality work from students.

Secondly, I doubt that writers have higher education. The fact is that the text was written very superficially. I expected more from someone who allegedly “deeply understands the topic.”

And, last but the very negative moment. My author failed to meet deadlines. And this is a disgusting performance indicator of the essay writing service. Especially given that it was impossible to contact him. That is, no one was responsible for this mistake. And I also did not receive any explanation of what happened — only a poorly written essay.

EssayPro Plagiarism

Most reviews say the service offers only unique works. Despite my obviously negative experience, I agree with that. My essay was really 100% unique, as the plagiarism system said. But there is one correction to this fact: it was also buggy.

And it seems to me that this is why it became unique.

The author wrote some words with misprints, and some with gross grammar mistakes. I didn’t fix them to see if the text’s originality would disappear, but there is a reason to think about it.

The mistakes were also related not only to spelling but also to grammar and punctuation. And if the second point can still be ignored, the first, I think, is very important in academic works. Perhaps, EssayPro service is focused on those customers who have enough D for work, but in my opinion, this is a dishonest attitude to their duties. After all, many people leave an order only because they do not have time to work themselves. Registration

You can register on the service with your email or use social networks (Google or Facebook). The registration system is as simple as on almost all sites. You need to click on the sign up button in the corner of the site, and you will immediately go to the registration page.

Regardless of which registration method you choose, you will need to confirm your registration via an email.

After that, you need to fill out a profile, and only after that, you can place an order.

By the way, please note that EssayPro necessarily requires your first and last name in your profile.

After registration, you can enter the site via your email or also via the social network by clicking on the login button.

EssayPro discount

The EssayPro service uses many marketing traps to hide the poor quality of their staff. For example, among Instagram subscribers, they distribute discount codes through giveaways, and sometimes they just arrange seasonal sales, only in time for exams.

Besides, they claim that’s price is the lowest in the market. If it is (I’m not familiar with all the statistics), then their rates are fully consistent with the quality you get.

And even $10 is too much for an essay that you will submit too late and that your teacher will not accept.

Customer Support

When there are so many problems on the site, you start to wonder who can help you with them. And this is usually done by technical support. But in the case of EssayPro, it does not help.

There are only two options here:

  1. You will not be able to get in touch with it.
  2. Or, the managers will be useless.

I managed to get through only once, and the phone was picked up by a man with a very strange accent. We did not have a conversation with him because he did not understand me, and I did not understand him. 

Then I tried my luck via email. I waited for a reply for a very long time, and when I waited, I received only a message that “We have received your message and are solving your problem.”

In the end, I got my essay, albeit late, so I can’t say that cheating is true. But I can’t say that they work well either.

Is EssayPro Legal

I know that a lot of users are concerned about the question Is safe? Or Is legal? Unfortunately, I have no good news about it.

There are too many negative reviews on the Internet about the legality of this service. Many people suspect that the company is stealing payment data. So it is better not to take risks if you are worried about your privacy and the safety of your savings.

There are also questions about where the company is located. The site has an address in the U.S., but you cannot find their office there. It is all very strange and makes you think about bad things. Perhaps, the answer to the question Is scam? It is also positive. Papers Quality

The overall impression of this service and its authors is very ambiguous for me. Cooperation with can be compared to gambling because you never know whether you will win or lose. At the same time, the probability of winning is very small, about 10%. We all understand that winning is not a fabulous amount of money, but quite legal and already required quality writing of the order. It is better to order an essay at another service, instead of worrying and spending money in vain.

EssayPro Pros/Cons