Edusson Review

Before writing this review, and in general, before I ordered from, I was looking for Feedback information, which was generally positive, so I decided to order an essay here. Preparing this review made me believe in the negative feedback because my experience with was not pleasant.

So that you don’t step on the same rake, I am writing this review.

For starters, a little about service. writing service is a site that provides academic help with writing different types of work. Among them:

  1. Essay writing;
  2. Speech writing;
  3. Research paper writing;
  4. Coursework writing;
  5. Assignment writing
  6. Literature review writing;
  7. Lab report writing
  8. Homework writing;
  9. Thesis writing.

You can see the full list on their website. In addition to writing, writers can rewrite for you already finished work. Writers reviews praise the skill and depth of knowledge of the service experts, but I would like to dispel this myth with real history. When I ordered an essay, I expected high-quality academic work, with the elaboration of an idea and strong arguments. Who knew that I shouldn’t expect even a grammatically correct text.

After I read my essay, I can confidently say that it was not written by a native speaker. I also have doubts about the author’s higher education. Probably, the writer has it, but hardly in the field on which my homework was set. Otherwise, I do not know how to explain such a superficial text.

Besides the quality, I was unpleasantly surprised by the attitude of the team towards deadlines. My author failed in his deadlines and didn’t even explain the situation: it was impossible to contact him in a chat room. Plagiarism

In this review I cannot complain about plagiarism system. Judging by the fact that I got 100% unique work, the service authors and managers strictly follow the originality index. Unfortunately, I can’t get rid of the feeling that uniqueness was not quite honestly achieved because, in addition to grammatical errors, which I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I found in the text and misspellings. Perhaps, if they are all corrected, the percentage of the text’s originality will also drop.

Anyway, I’m not sure that uniqueness alone saves the situation. Moreover, I am very worried that the site managers close their eyes to the errors. Whether they do it deliberately (for 100% originality by checking the system), or just do not consider it necessary to check their authors’ work. registration

The process of registration is quite simple. Regardless of whether you already have an account on the site or not, you should first click on the login button in the upper right corner of the site. sign up is available through your email or directly through social networks: Google or Facebook. While choosing the second option, you can also access the site later through them.

I think this is convenient, so I registered through FB. After I had clicked Login with Facebook, immediately redirected me to a page to fill out an order. discount

There is no discount. At all. When creating your new account, you are not offered any rewards, first-order discounts, referral links for friends. Nothing. And, apparently, no seasonal sales service also does not offer. I conclude that the service team does not care how their potential customers are solvent. 

As for the price, there is also nothing to be happy about. The site administration did not find it necessary to specify the rates on the main page (and any other, too), and even when you fill out the order form completely, you still do not know how much you will have to pay for its execution. Instead, you are immediately asked to choose an author. I think it’s a bit cheating because you feel obliged to order an essay even if the price doesn’t suit you.

Technical Support of the Site

Customer support from did not impress me. The site has many options for contacting the administration, including phone, email, and live chat, but in fact, all of them work pretty crookedly. For example, the phone number is very difficult to get in touch with. Everything happens just like in a comedy series: you call, and then you listen to disgusting music for a few hours and promise that the operator will come up now. And even if you are lucky to get a call for the first time, be sure that you won’t wait for help, because the phone will be picked up by a person with a strange accent, who will not understand your request anyway.

Email works better because here you don’t have to sit and wait for an answer, but also slowly. Live chat is Russian roulette. Maybe you will be lucky. Maybe you will not.

Is legal

Many users are interested in Is legal? or Is a scam? I do not have an exact answer. I just ordered a job, not an investigation. It’s needed to say the company registration address in Bulgaria, even on the website itself.

Taking into account that there are many negative reviews on the Internet in their direction, you will understand that if it turns out that Safe system is a myth, there will be nowhere and no one to complain.

Also, some users had suspicions that the service collects data on payment methods. So be careful! Papers Quality

To conclude this review, does not always work badly, but there are precedents, and if you are not fond of taking risks, it is better not to address them. And if you still decide to order an academic paper here, prepare for the worst. Pros / Cons