Edubirdie Overview

I am surprised that if you enter the query “ reviews” on Google, you can find positive testimonials. Maybe they are written by company employees; I do not know. But I will tell my story.

For starters, I will say what kind of site it is and what services it provides. Students can order on Edubirdie:

Here they not only write but also edit works. To spoil the story, I used the writing service once, and it was the worst experience of my life. Read further to see why. Writers

When I ordered the Edubirdie essay, I was promised that my work would be written by an expert with higher education, for whom English is the native language. But it did not seem so from the text I received. 

First, the essay was clearly not written by a native speaker. It was noticeable in words and sentence construction.

Secondly, Edubirdie experts may have higher education, but only in one subject and very weak. So if you need a highly specialized paper that will be accepted in your college, do not even hope to get it.

As for permanent communication with the author, he was not in the chat room, and he disappeared just before the deadline. As a result, I received the essay late. Plagiarism

Here, of course, I can’t complain. My essay was unique, as it was required. But, to all appearances, this effect turned out only because there were many mistakes in the work. Of course, if words are miswritten, they will not be found by plagiarism system! registration

I will tell you a little bit about how the service is organized in general. To buy an essay or a coursework, you need to register. sign up button is located, as usual, in the corner of the site. You can create login from scratch, or you can log in via Facebook or Google. I used to log in via Facebook. No confirmation emails come, you go straight to the order page. discount

The service provides average prices and is not particularly interested in helping students save money. Even on the contrary: during the order, you are offered continuously additional features for which you have to pay. For example, to find the best author for 10 dollars. Apparently, this feature is not included in the basic price, although it makes sense; of course, I want the best author.

Later on, I realized that after you have ordered work, the authors respond to it. And you need to spend time to understand if it’s a good writer or not.

There are no discounts on the site. Already after you have registered, you are offered to discard a friend link to registration.A friend will get a 10% discount on the first order, and you will get $25 on your account after the friend’s order is completed. How true it is and whether there are any unexpected conditions, I do not know exactly, because, after my experience, I do not want to offer my friends to use this site.

In general, there are many manipulations in the interface of the site. When you click on View prices, it opens an order page. And to find out at least the approximate rates, you need to fill out the full application form. It is very inconvenient.

Customer Support Service

From such promoted service, you expect not only good work but also high-quality customer support. But you don’t get even it because Edubirdie support is a complete disappointment.

The strangest thing is that there are many options to contact the site. They have an email, they have a phone, and the online chat button is chasing you on every page of the site. But in fact, on both numbers listed on the site, you can not get through. Sometimes it is endless beeps, and sometimes it is just turned off. I managed to break through only once, but they could not help me. I repeated my problem several times, but the operator did not understand me anyway. Although what could not be understood in the phrase: “My deadline is already on fire, and the writer does not answer in the chat”?

Emails are also answered super slowly, and you can get from the managers only standard answers like “We solve your problem”, although nothing is solved in the end.

Is Legal

I suspected from the start that the Edubirdie system is not as transparent as they claim. Now I can almost say with certainty that the safe system is nothing more than a myth. 

First of all, the site contains its address, and it is in Bulgaria. That is, the company is not even in the U.S., and you can not legally make any claims against them.

Secondly, I have reason to believe that the service collects data on payment methods. Please pay attention to other reviews; I am not the first to notice it. So, a secure and legal system? I think it would be better to say the scam system. Papers Quality

I think that the cheating system does not always work. I mean, hardly all positive reviews are written by the company itself. But at the same time, it is impossible to order work on this service and be sure that it will be appropriately done except that you are very fond of taking risks and are ready to lose both your money and good grades and nerve cells. But to me, this is a dubious entertainment. And one good work out of 10 is a terrible performance. Pros/Cons

Well, in the end I want to sum up honestly. Because, although my impression of the order on the Edubirdie website was negative, it was also very mixed.