Anyone who has ever gone to college knows how it is needed to get all assignments correctly. It affects not only the score but also the future. Now there is a myriad of sites that promise to help and do work for the student. Even more reviews about them. Unfortunately, half is the result of marketers’ activity, and the other is a reality. Before you write a review about any company, you must first collaborate with it. Which we did, choosing such a popular website among the audience – There are various positive reviews. Unfortunately, cooperation with this team didn’t bring the desired delight, which the guys are promoting on their online page. We decided to share our impressions of the work. But first, a little about their services. Here’s what a student can order here:

  1. Academic Writing (like essay, presentations, reviews, researches, reports, projects, and so on);
  1. Admission Writing (scholarship, application essays, etc.);
  1. Additional Writing Services (like academic ghostwriting, business plan, letter, MBA assignments). 

It would be nice if the above tasks were performed efficiently. Perhaps it is, but not in our case. So, let’s move on to a little story about cooperation with these guys. Writers

The only person on whom everything depends on this business is the writer. Faith worked with us, and the result wasn’t satisfying. The beautifully designed site contains photos of several people who position themselves as writers. Yes, everything is cool. But is there even a word about their qualifications? Who are they? Do they have a degree? And if so, what college did they graduate from? It is the first thing that can play a cruel joke. The company targets an English-speaking audience, while the writer can afford to create academic work in broken English. Faith wrote us a psychology paper. She was the only one with a Master’s degree. Unfortunately, the phrase did not justify itself.

We received a paper written by a maximum 3-year student of some southern European university who studies English twice a week in the curriculum. The text contained many grammatical mistakes; the topic was revealed superficially. We can conclude that it was not Faith who wrote it – and then it looks like scam, or she wrote such a horrible work, and the situation should be regarded as cheating. This work cannot be called the result of the Master of Science in clinical psychology efforts.

Imagine that, also, we received an ingenious result 20 hours later than the specified time. It was impossible to reach Faith. She rarely answered the question of how things were going with the Writing. Ultimately, no one was held responsible for the failed deadlines. Plagiarism

We have already mentioned the quality of the work received. Superficial disclosure of the topic and countless elementary grammatical mistakes that no one bothered to correct – this is a terrible experience. As for the uniqueness – yes, this work turned out to be unique. We ran the initial result through several popular services and got 100% uniqueness. But, after fixing the mistakes, the uniqueness degree dropped to 85%! Thus, the secret of plagiarism  free is to make as many mistakes as possible to prevent the recognition of pieces of text copied from other people’s works. Registration

When you place your first order on, you won’t find the  “log in ” or  “sign up ” buttons. They decided to simplify registration and make it unified with the first order placing. By clicking on the “Order now” button, we saw a dialog box with many job characteristics that had to be specified, such as type of work, subject, academic level, etc. A block with registration data is placed under the order details, where the user is asked to enter his email, password, name, and phone number. Thus, registration the procedure is quite simple and convenient. It is one of the service advantages. Discount

Usually, the loyalty system is one of the fascinating topics in the review. And so, if you decide to leave this site ahead of time, you will see an offer from the company in the form of a coupon that you can use. It’s hard to say what this coupon gives. But the whole section with a bunch of blurry information is devoted to it. From the main: this coupon allows you to get 1 page for free when ordering work for 3+ pages. That’s all. It is followed by the coupon advantages, which are usually used to describe the services, such as a professional approach, a money-back guarantee, etc. That is something completely unrelated to coupons. Unfortunately, has no other discounts. It’s suggested that they either have a sophisticated coupon system and customized offers for each user, or they need not make the customer experience enjoyable for both parties. Client Support

Of course, these services cannot be provided without customer support. It, at a minimum, must be impartial and respond promptly to emerging problems. Guess where we call when Faith did not respond to our messages and missed deadlines for Writing? Right. We demanded fairness from customer support. Several communication channels are indicated on the website at once: live chat, telephone, and Facebook messenger. Forget about calls right away because you won’t get an answer. We tried to get through for about an hour. Then we decided that it would be efficient to write. And so it happened. The account manager read our complaint about the writer and said that it happens. Nothing wrong with that. And if the delay is only 20 hours after the end of the deadline, no one will be held responsible.

This attitude confused us. Thus, it turns out that the writer has the right to provide low-quality services, and client support has the right to justify his actions. Besides, we again turned to the support service to report the received result’s level, demanding a refund, to which the employee replied that the maximum that the service can provide is a free correction of mistakes, indicated by us. The refund policy does not provide for such a refund if the deadline is missed by 20 hours.

Is Legal?

To finally convince people, the company did not find a better way than to write “Yes, activity is legal” on the website. But what can be the proof of this? They provided the name of the legal entity, UK address, and business registration number. Good for them. But if you decide to copy data to google them, you will fail. Lazy people will leave this venture and take the service at its word. We decided to check who is sitting on the other side of the screen. Yes, there is such a company, but it’s a shell. In other words, nobody works there. Of the staff, only the director and secretary. Where is the information about writers? Under what conditions do they work with the company? All these legal subtleties make one think that the guys have only a legal and quality website. It casts doubt on the customer result and data safety. Papers Quality

The quality of the written work was far from perfection. The topic is practically not disclosed the text was unprofessional (with the many of the grammatical mistakes). The last ones’ principal task is to make the paper unique because without them, the level of uniqueness is also lame. Pros & Cons

Among the advantages are the following should be highlighted:

The following disadvantages of this service are obvious: