Coolessay Review

In case you are one of the millions of students coming from any corner of the world, one thing is for sure. Whether you are a sophomore or a graduate, you must already know that 24 hours a day might not be enough to meet each and every deadline, right? 

This is one of the main reasons why some of us decide to delegate some writing assignments to someone more knowledgeable. Or at least things are supposed to be this way. In case you come from this league of learners, checking what the Web has to offer first is a smart way to go. If you want to know more about the Coolessay platform, you are on the right page.

Our team has conducted an in-depth Coolessay review so that you have a full picture of what to expect. First, let us present some ground for picking this overview over any other piece of this kind you can find elsewhere. As we try to be objective to the maximum, the team does not only provide cliched descriptions based on what the site has in store.

We do the extra mile and order their service to offer the first-hand experience to you. So, this one is an honest Coolessay review aimed at students from any place on the planet.

Yet, before discussing the fruits borne by such cooperation, let’s check what services exactly the Coolessay platform has to offer. Though there is no clear “Services” block on their site, you can familiarize yourself with the offered ones by clicking on “Select type of paper” in the Quick order form. Here are some of the highlights:

Although the range of services is rather wide, some of the services are unnecessarily divided, in our opinion. For instance, why would one need a separate Argumentative Essays part? There is also an “Other” choice for more customized orders, yet we didn’t go this way. In the following sections, you will find more info on what Coolessay is all about, and the first “stop” will be dedicated to the specialists they have employed.

Coolessay Writers

Here is a funny thing about Coolessay writers – finding the info on them on the website is not an easy endeavor. For instance, there is no separate visible block on the homepage. There is only the indication of “Top Writers” in a small font at the end of the page. 

Basically, there is no way you can find comprehensive info or a full database of the writers. You can only see the top ones with the rating and statistics that are hard to believe. For instance, the first and foremost writer mentioned by the nickname Gentiva has allegedly completed more than three thousand orders. The rating is – wait for it – 9.8 of 10! Yet, what is really disturbing is the number of comments for 3k orders as there are only 5!

Just for comparison, the numbers on the snapshot of the second-best writer, Bravision, are even more doubt-raising. For more than 10k of orders completed there are 13 reviews from customers only. Although no one in our team has believed this info we have still placed the orders, and there were three of them:

This was done to have a better picture of the quality of Coolessay essay writing service in general. Yet, we’ll address this issue step by step. Conversely, we’ll start the review with Coolessay attitude to plagiarism.

Coolessay Plagiarism

To objectively assess Coolessay quality for this review, we’ve started with approaching the plagiarism issue. As originality is a must for any academic paper in every institution all over the world – especially where higher ed is concerned – this was our first concern.

Therefore, all three docs we’ve got from Coolessay writers were checked via several plagiarism checkers, including WriteCheck, a substitute to Turnitin. To cut a long story short, the results were not devastating nor they were completely to our satisfaction.

While a three pages long English essay passes the test for originality with flying colors (98 %), this was not the case for both the cover letter and American History paper. Of course, you may state that it’s hard to come up with a completely original cover letter due to the nature of this document.

Indeed, there are some cliches that can’t be omitted, but we did not expect to get a paper that matched 40 % content from the Internet sample. Regarding the American History assignment, the plagiarism percent was 11, probably due to mistakes in citing and referencing. These two cases do not contribute to Coolessay plagiarism record. 

Still, having all aspects summarized and checked, we’ve come to the conclusion that plagiarism is far from being the main issue with regard to Coolessay quality of operation in general. More info on the problematic aspects can be found in the following sections of this review.

Coolessay Registration

In order to conduct a thorough Coolessay writing service overview, we want to be as detailed as possible with every part of cooperating with the platform.

Conversely, if you are interested in Coolessay registration process, there are few ways how to approach it. 

While there is no clear Coolessay sign up button, there is “Sign In” in the right upper corner of the homepage. In order to conduct Coolessay login one has to either go through the “Quick order” placement process or consulting support via Free Inquiry.

Basically, there is no way to get into the system until having placed a particular order. This way, the company is segmenting the audience into visitors and customers, who get a lot more. Actually, this is a common approach popular among different agencies.

Coolessay Support Agents

What is a lot less common among essay writing services is the indication of the phone number via which you can contact an actual human being. Coolessay actually has one indicated on their page. Moreover, the line is toll-free for the customers coming from the US and Canada. 

There are also live chat options, e-mail (you need to place the query on the site), and already mentioned Free Inquiry possibility to get Coolessay support. Actually, our team has tried all three in an attempt to make minor alterations to our three orders placed by different team members. 

Here’s the verdict:

Of course, these instances are not enough to claim the platform as the one conducting Coolessay scam operations, but it has instilled some doubts in all of us reviewing this service.

Is Coolessay Legal?

If you want to have a clear answer to the question like is Coolessay legal, here’s some bad news. There is no certainty about it. You might already know it at this point – cooperating with writing services is somewhat tricky. To make things simpler for you, let’s put it this way – better not tell anyone about it, and then you’ll be more secure.

Moreover, when it comes to this particular platform, then the answer to the question is Coolessay safe is not a positive one. This is not connected with the money issue or data confidentiality. Actually, the thing concerns the quality of their writing, which is explained in more detail in the section below.

Coolessay Papers Quality 

The first thing to say is this – Coolessay price is rather too high for the quality of the docs we’ve got. All three papers cost us around 200 dollars, which is not an affordable rate for three minimal pieces. 

Moreover, Coolessay discount policy is nowhere to be found. We’ve already mentioned issues with originality regarding the cover letter, but what if we tell you that the actual job – the center of this work – was not the one we’ve indicated in the application?

Regarding the American History assignment, there were at least two factual mistakes – one connected to the POTUS name and the second one was the error in the date. To put it mildly, this is not something you expect in the paper ordered from a pro!

Even in the English paper, there were two misspellings and some grammar mistakes. This is not acceptable for such a short doc. Moreover, the question arises – are there any editors at Coolessay employ at all?

Coolessay Pros/Cons



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