AffordablePapers Overview

Although the AffordablePapers writing service team assures us that the order execution will be fast and cheap, we are not inclined to take their word for granted. See a detailed breakdown of AffordablePapers prices and discounts below.

Meanwhile, let’s take a quick look at the website interface. After all, if a company is self-respectful, it pays due attention to user experience, doesn’t it?

What hits the eye right as we start is the humongous number of search keywords: the homepage text is swarming with them. It wouldn’t be a problem if the text actually were concise and readable. Read a paragraph or two yourself, and you’ll notice that its author doesn’t know what an uncountable noun is.

AffordablePapers writing service, like any other, has listed an unnecessarily long list of the kinds of writing they do (as a way to imply that they basically do any kind of writing):

Besides, they try to posit the obligatory and ordinary services as virtues. For example, GDPR policies are absolutely necessary for any website accessible from Europe. Yet some websites, including AffordablePapers, create the impression that a customer should be thankful for such features. You’ll come across this phenomenon quite often. In this review we’ll show you all details about this platform.

AffordablePapers Writers

While preparing this review, we have concluded that the AffordablePapers writers are not native speakers because the website content is full of quirky language. Presumably, the content was written by one of them. Why bother ordering high-quality content from a professional native speaker if you just can outsource the task to your team in India or Romania? The former would be too expensive!

To prove my point, I have ordered a 2-page college essay with the longest deadline available, two weeks. As expected, the paper corresponded to the initial requirements, which means that I wouldn’t be able to ask for a revision if I wanted to. However, the style itself was anything but satisfactory. Long paragraphs made it impossible to figure any structure, and the general idea was not clear at all. It felt like a looked at a random collection of opinions.

My former English teacher wouldn’t be happy with such an AffordablePapers essay.

AffordablePapers Plagiarism

For this review, I have checked the paper with five different paid plagiarism checkers, and one of them highlighted a passage from Wikipedia, about 50 words long. It was slightly rewritten rather than copy-pasted. Still, imagine a 20-page research paper that is written with the same approach in mind. That fragment apparently passed through the checker that the AffordablePapers writers use.

If you use a part of the research delivered by AffordablePapers writers and it gets detected, the results can be devastating, so take care and never use their papers “as is.” This is the plagiarism review by now.

AffordablePapers Registration

The button to create an account is not easily found on the website: it is called “Manage my papers,” which is somewhat confusing. They might change it if they receive enough feedback, so it’s not such a big issue after all.

Anyway, push the button, and you’ll be redirected to AffordablePapers login/registration page. Alternatively, create an account during the creation of the first order. Signing up for promotional notifications is optional. The next step would be to verify your email and payment data.

AffordablePapers sign up after the verification procedure should work anytime. You may want to use a safe password keeper to remember the login data for you.

AffordablePapers Discounts

To make a truthful review, we made a real order. To tell the truth, the paper I ordered turned out affordable indeed: I paid $22, while some services would charge up to $35 for the same assignment. Although such a price is acceptable to most students, it is not the best option on the web.

Nonetheless, AffordablePapers discounts are compensated by some extra bucks for the so-called Top Writer service, super-attentive proofreading, samples, smart paper option, whatever. Click it if you have a deep pocket.

The information about discounts is nowhere to be seen. There is no first-order 15% discount or loyalty program. The AffordablePapers team may casually send you a discount proposal (probably if you didn’t buy their paper in a while) or not. Consequently, you may end up paying as much—or more!—as in the case of any other writing assistance service.

AffordablePapers Support

There is a nice blue Live Chat button on the bottom right corner of the browser window, which doesn’t quite work as expected. I wanted an actual live chat session. What I got instead was a pretty complex message submission form that required me to specify the exact order number and my email, among other things. Why did they decide to call it Live Chat? I’d probably wait for an answer for hours.

On the other hand, the website features a highly intelligent invention in the domain of customer support: a Facebook messenger link. Ah, this is where the real Live Chat is! I get it! Unfortunately, it only works from Monday to Saturday, from 0 AM to 8 PM. The good news is, Affordablepapers support is actually working.

Is AffordablePapers Legal

Without a doubt, AffordablePapers is safe to use. As long as you use one of the world-renowned payment systems, you can always reclaim your payment via the payment system itself. Make sure that you are redirected to your payment system account and never enter your full credit card data on the writing service website.

Ordering at AffordablePapers writing service is not considered cheating if you use their papers only for reference purposes. Directly submitting their paper might get you into trouble. Is AffordablePapers cheating itself? It seems that they have fully described the terms of work, so even if they do, you have a choice to stop cooperation anytime.

AffordablePapers Writing Quality

No wonder that our paper was written in Chinese English; the company is registered in China. It also leaves some doubts about whether they have a single native speaker in the team.

You get an average quality paper that corresponds to AffordablePapers prices to some extent. Ordering a College level paper or higher would be risky, though. If your potential writer has a poor English command, they will likely be unable to properly express some complex ideas. Moreover, their understanding of the education system in the US is certainly shallow. Hopefully, this AffordablePapers review saves your money.

AffordablePapers Pros / Cons



After reading this review, you can make your decision based on real facts, not intuition. So there is no risk something is going to be not as you expected.