Acemyhomework Overview

The website greets us with some amateur-level markup: was it intentionally made so, or is it the hopeless lack of skill? The latter, I suppose.

It is hard to tell if the website is operational already, so I’ll just look around and read its description. Perhaps I’ll find the price list, a unique plagiarism checker, or a brief and persuasive checklist that hits the nail on the head, describing their advantages compared to countless competitors.

All these phrases sound good but we made this review to check if this is true or the platform is cheating. Allegedly, Acemyhomework writing service provides all kinds of academic assistance. To prove that point, the website designer put 12 respective buttons on the homepage, all leading to the order form.

Acemyhomework Writers

While preparing the review, reading through the website pages, I discovered that Acemyhomework writers were unemployed professors. And while I kept wondering how on earth they ended up unemployed, I noticed a page rating: it turned out that more than 150 people had read it and rated it 4.8 stars out of 5 on average.

You know, when the marketers say that customers like numbers, they often forget to add that one also should not overdo it. The numbers are all over the place. I got so fed up with fake statistics and infographics during my years of reviewing scam websites that this one makes me sick.

Acemyhomework Plagiarism

Our review service usually spends a small sum on papers of a certain writing service to form a first-hand opinion about writing quality. In this case, such an action would be reckless. There is no way to find out if Acemyhomework essay will be plagiarized or not simply because I am not willing to risk placing an order at the website choke-full of fake data and lacking crucial documents.

In other words, the chance of encountering Acemyhomework plagiarism is extremely high.

Acemyhomework Registration

Leaving one’s actual email address here is unsafe. If you sign up to Acemyhomework, you will either be bombarded with tons of spam letters or even asked to share passwords or other confidential data. In the best-case scenario, there will be no communication soever.

Acemyhomework Discount

The situation with Acemyhomework prices and discounts are the same as with everything else.

Can you ask their support team about the welcome discount? No, the chat does not work. Do they say anything about discounts on the website? No. Do they have any information about prices or the total order price calculator? No. Is it expensive? Is it affordable? Who knows!

They don’t even have an FAQ page, so I’m doing them a favor writing this review, in a sense.

Acemyhomework Support

I will not test this so-called live chat that forces me to enter my email right away. This is embarrassing. What does my email have to do with the “live chat”? Alright, I have an idea. Let me register a temporary email at 10minutemail and see what happens.

Ten minutes are up; nothing happens; the temporary inbox is empty. Now I know for sure that the Acemyhomework support team representative is not online. In fact, I think that there are no representatives and no support department.

I thought that the links in the website footer point to Acemyhomework writing service social media accounts. Alas, those are merely the Share buttons. Want to talk about this useless site on your feed? Why would you?

Is Acemyhomework Legal

Surprise in the review, there are no Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages at all. Either they are absent (which is a huge red flag) or not immediately visible to a customer, which is plain disrespectful and unprofessional.

It leads us to another question: is Acemyhomework safe? I’m sure that it’s not. At least not at this stage. I don’t recommend placing any kind of order there. Although it is not 100% clear if the AffordablePapers is a scam, there is an alarming fact: there are no payment system logos on the website. Whatever you decide to pay them may count as a donation because the payment will be unsafe. Besides, who knows what kind of cookie files they leave on your device? I’m seriously concerned.

Likewise, I found no data about the company registration address.

Acemyhomework Papers Quality

Obviously, I couldn’t share any opinions or facts with you. Ordering a paper here is a dangerous gamble. The summary of Acemyhomework review is as follows: better stay away from this suspicious academic writing help site. Buy their papers neither out of curiosity nor out of need. Look for a reliable company that has a lot of positive reviews from independent sources behind it.

Perhaps reading the stories about unemployed professors who found their essay writing start-up will serve you as an inspiration to write your paper yourself.

Acemyhomework Pros / Cons


At the time I did Acemyhomework review, everything was wrong with it. Jump straight to the CONS.


Hopefully, most of the issues mentioned in the review will be fixed in the future, but they can’t fix the impression from fake testimonials, ratings, and statistics. On top of that, I have no idea why any company would roll their writing service online if nothing works yet.