123helpme Review

Ordering a custom academic paper (or a high school essay) is a typical activity nowadays. Students all around the globe make use of the writing services, but how do you decide which one to choose? There are hundreds of services that offer help with all kinds of homework, so it is tempting to try one out. They do:

  1. Writing from scratch;
  2. Proofreading, editing, rewriting;
  3. Lab reports, presentations, and even video.

Calling 123helpme a writing service is not exactly correct, however. It merely offers to use text analysis tools and sample 123helpme essays.

The only certain way to check the trustworthiness of writing service is actually to order a paper there. 123helpme.com does not provide such a service, which is why we have proofread their samples and gave their tools a test drive.

123helpme Writers

All we had to work with was a pile of essay samples, and the thing that bothered us was, where did all of the 123helpme essays come from? Did a professional writer cover all those topics? No, definitely not. These samples lack proper structure, some of them are logically incoherent, and some are absurd. It all looks like a giant database of papers from all over the world. Some essays are written in a foreign language. What does it mean?

The level of writing these papers demonstrate is High School at the very most. They call it an inspiration for your own paper; we see it rather as wasting time staring at incomprehensible low-quality text. Besides, we hope that this 123helpme review will save you time.

It is highly recommended to look for inspiration elsewhere. One could easily do in-depth research on a given subject instead if they intend to write an essay.

 123helpme plagiarism

Well, it is hard to be optimistic about the origin of these pieces of writing. Some essay writing websites (possibly belonging to the same company) dumped all the unique essays that their customers have actually paid for, or these papers come from school students. Accordingly, these papers are not unique, and they are not meant to be.

No one would risk copying these free samples. They are not only messed up but obviously because they could have been submitted dozens of times already.

There is another issue of major concern here. There is no guarantee that your writing pieces that you check are not saved into their database. Consequently, there is no guarantee that 123helpme is safe.

 123helpme Registration

To be able to login to your 123helpme account, you must fill in some personal data. This way, you also involuntarily sign up for the 123helpme mailing list. Promotional messages will start bombarding your Inbox, and you will probably see notifications about discounts along with random writing tips and news.

It must be mentioned that the reason to register an account is only to be able to access the premium plagiarism checker and grammar tools. Why you would pay for plagiarism and grammar check is a mystery considering that there are plenty of free services that provide the same functionality of the top-notch quality.

You can later log in to your account with the data you provided during the Registration.

 123helpme Discounts

Without a doubt, the price of the 123helpme premium is overrated. For that reason, their team will send you the weekly, monthly, and all kinds of other exclusive seasonal offers. Surely, you may choose NOT to go through the 123helpme sign up process and spare yourself the trouble of deleting all of their spam emails later. We have already mentioned that the features they propose to buy are available for no charge worldwide.

Any conventional paper writing service would sell a finished unique essay for the price they charge for the premium account.

 123helpme Tech Support

To put it in a nutshell, the 123helpme support service is missing. The only thing at your disposal is a one-way Contact Us form. Fill in your contacts, outline your request, and hope that someone will read it one day. Moreover, no one is responsible for processing your claims, so why will anyone? Let me quote the Terms of Use of 123helpme.com: “You acknowledge that we have no obligation to provide you with customer support of any kind […]” It says it all.

There is no live chat and no phone number.

Sending them a handwritten letter to the address they specified as the official company location is not such a good idea as well.

So far, as I keep writing this 123helpme review, I am tempted to make a judgment that 123helpme is a scam, similar to many other similar websites. That would explain why they have no obligations before their customers.

 Is 123helpme Legal

Taking a closer look at the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, we didn’t find anything surprising. One could put it in a one-line disclaimer: the service holds no responsibility for any kind of damage (direct or indirect) you may suffer while using it. You, on the other hand, must accept the service “as is.” Furthermore, the fact that you stay on the websites signifies your consent to receive tons of cookie files and forfeit your privacy, ironically. 123helpme legal issues are taken care of with elegance.

Take a look at it yourself. At least they have put an exhaustive list of cookies in their legal documents. Of course, these cookies collect various data about your behavior on the website. All that data is going to be sold and, subsequently, analyzed. Some of the cookie files have no expiration date (while some will expire in a 1000 years, what a nice joke). It means that you need to visit the website just once, and various tracking files will stay until you manually delete them.

We have studied a fair number of user testimonials about 123helpme essays. As you may have guessed, they are overwhelmingly negative. The “testimonials” you see right on the 123helpme homepage are 100% fake: we are sure about this because the real customers actually have no means to leave them.

123helpme is cheating their customers!

123helpme Papers Quality

It looks like 123helpme designers hoped that a dozen sample essays right on the homepage would persuade their visitors of the indisputable quality of their work. Click around and see for yourself: they write gibberish! They didn’t even bother to put a decent sample on display.

We lost patience trying to find a decent essay there.

123helpme Pros / Cons